Bananaramas Upper Case Identity Game

These uppercase letter tiles can be used for a number of activities and not just a word making game. Try using them for Upper case letter recognition and sort them into containers or piles. Match objects to the correct sound. Use them for spelling tests (can do as a race), build word families eg cat, mat, sat. Spell sight words when building sentences. Lots to use them for! Prices start from $13.22


Quirkle Shape Identity Game

Don’t just play the game these tiles are meant for, but use them to sort by shapes or colours. Having to think about two attributes can be very difficult and this can be a more fun way to do it. Prices start from $17.85



Brown Bear, Panda Bear What Do You See?

Colour & Animal Recognition Game

This game also helps in developing the sequence of words in a sentence through the repetition eg I see a green frog looking at me, I see a brown bear looking at me, etc Prices start from $11.87


Hi Ho Cherry-O No. Identity & Counting Game

A great game to start identifying numerals and understanding quantity by matching the quantity to the numeral. Great for teaching 1 on 1 correspondence when counting out the cherries too! Prices start from $9.02