Learning Games for Kids

All school-age children love playing games. So why not use these suggestions as fun learning games for kids to reinforce skills without using obvious and boring repetition.

Playing educational games at an early age will help your child excel in school with subjects, such as reading, mathematics and science. If you know your child could use some extra help in on a subject, find games that will challenge and reinforce the skills your child needs to improve on.

Internet Learning Activities & Programs:
There is a huge selection of educational games online – free and paid structured programs. If your child does have the skills and knowledge to use a computer and you know they will use it appropriately then this is a great way to reward your child after completing the more harder tasks such as worksheet homework. Set firm rules as to what games or websites can be played. Just remember that too much computer time means less social interaction with people and therefore may create you development problems in other skills areas. If you have more than one child create a timetable and display it where it can be seen at the computer.

If you’re having serious difficulties with your child spending too much time on the computer, then try distracting them with other highly motivating and fun activities, such as cooking or art projects.

Educational Board Games
There are important learning benefits when playing the traditional board games. The most obvious is the social interaction that is required in order to play the games. Basic conversational skills can be taught by the repetition of turn-taking, staying attentive while waiting for a turn. Higher social skills can be taught also, such as emotional control when upset or angry from losing, or containing their excitement for the benefit of others when winning. Conversation opportunities can always arise from traditional games also. Such as when your child is frustrated with another player for taking too long or not paying attention – this is a great time to teach them appropriate verbal & non verbal communication methods to gain the other persons attention such as nudging, waving their hand, calling hey or their name.

Some recommended games for learning basic concepts such as comprehension, sequencing & problem solving is: Memory, Snap, Bingo, Snakes & Ladders or other dice games. Use our downloadable resources that use these games to teach the symbols & vocabulary around numeracy & literacy to increase the coverage of what skills are being learned.

Games for older children to start putting the basic concepts together could be Monopoly, Pictionary, Scrabble, Yahtze, UNO cards, Hangman and of cause older versions of Memory & Bingo which could cover older more related topics. Click here for games we have listed as recommendations you can order that are alternatives to the ones already mentioned.

The important fact to remember is to select games that your child shows an interest in and vary them to keep it fun. Now go enjoy showing your child how to learn while playing!

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