Creating Crunchy Autumn Craft

This leaf crunching activity is a great alternative to doing leaf rubbings after collecting assorted leaves. It is created in much the same way as sand art pictures. Besides leaves you will also need paper, pencils or crayons, PVA glue (preferably with a squeeze nozzle), bowl, baking tray.

1. First collect brittle leaves as these will break up easily.
2. Place them in a bowl and scrunch them up into small pieces. This is a great opportunity to talk about ‘sound’ words such as ‘crackle’ and ‘crunch’ or texture words such as ‘scrunch’ or ‘prickly’.
3. Draw your picture on the paper. Color any of the parts of the picture.
4. Place the picture in a baking tray.
5.Then squeeze the glue along the lines drawn.
6. Sprinkle the broken leaves all over the picture – covering the glue.
7. Lift the picture up and shake off any excess leaves into the tray.
8. Let it dry.

Other activities you can do with Autumn leaves are:
Create a collage or hanging mobile.
Sort them by colors, shape or size.
Count them and label them with numbers.
Create letters of the alphabet and spell words with them.

These are all great activities to increase your child’s or classes interest when learning about Autumn and the change of Seasons.

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