Before Shopping With Kids

Before shopping with kids discuss with your children what is needed by going through the cupboards or pantry at home and see what is missing. This a great way to involve them in avoiding the regular tantrum disasters that quite often are associated with taking children shopping with you.

While they are retrieving vocabulary of various food items missing in the cupboards have your child write or draw the list of items they want to look for at the shops for you. The sense of responsibility is often a great motivator to doing a writing task that would often be avoided by some who find this learning task difficult. It is a great way to also put into practise the different types of genre uses in real life eg the rules of creating lists as opposed to writing stories or poems.

Shopping with your child is also a great way to help your child think of different food categories, eg ‘What fruit do we need?’ ‘What meat do we need?’ and identifying these areas within the supermarket. Even just having your child verbalise to identify the vocabulary in these categories and you draw them for them is enough.

Involving your child in the shopping routine should also improve their behaviour while shopping because they will be distracted by assisting you in finding the list of objects they created prior to shopping expedition.

Share with us in the comments some activities you do to keep your child occupied while shopping.

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