A TEACHER’s thought

Without the dedication of great teachers our children wouldn’t be making the milestones they do. As parents, we value the teachers who come into our worlds and make a difference not only to our children’s way of learning but often our own emotional care as well.

I am talking about the teachers who treat our children with respect and get just as excited as we do when the social and development breakthroughs happen. Quite often they are the only ones who understand just how much it means to us and the impact of living with a child with special needs has.

And with that I leave you with this…

A TEACHER’s thought

Tantrums are a normal part of each day.
Everyone is unique in their own special way.
Achievements big or small must be appreciated.
Challenges are there because we are tested.
Helping them means understanding, not having pity.
Empathy will help capture their pictures clearly.
Realize that these individuals are different but not less.
Having them, we are truly blessed

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